Water Jet

More than once clients are facing the problems of obtaining a very accurate components that is going to be a part of the whole design idea. Bloxo Cuttertechnologies is a precise water cut of metals: steel, including stainless steel, aluminum, stone, composite, titanium and rubber. WaterJet guarantees a great precision, appropriate edges quality and minimal loss of the material. It doesn’t decrease the quality like other technologies. Any shape is attainable. Bloxo is equipped with the modern machine, produced by italian CMS company. 


Bloxo cuttechnologies offers a prefabrication services for different trades: metal, glass, stonework  according to the following informations.


What do we cut






Stainless Steel




& many others

Service Costs:

The costs are provided on the individual projects as are based on the material, its thickness and how detailed is the cut.

Soft materials (rubber like) are much faster processed than the hard ones. 

We kindly ask you to send us the inquiries with the dxf. or PDF drawing attached on cut@bloxo.pl or call us on 0693 703 023


BLOXO cuttechnologies clients service

Every order is treated in a very individual and detailed way. 



-we collect the material at the adress provided by a client

-material purchase

-documents preparation in dwg. and dxf.


-material delivery on the adress provided by a client