Sintered Quarz

Revoultionary large format (3000x1000x3). It is a very durable material. Whole pieces can be easily used as floors, facades, decoration elements, inside and outside of the building.

And this is not all, sintered quartz works great as a kitchen and bathroom  tops and furniture facing. 

It is made of natural components only.  Sintered quartz weighs

8,2 kg/1m2 what makes it unique among all the materials. It is available in 70 colors which opens a totally new design dimension.



- chemical resistance: The product is organic and inorganic solvent proof, it has a detergents resistance qualities also. Thanks to the robust surface it is very easy to cleanse. The only product that may cause a damage to a sintered quartz is the hydrofluoric acid.

- hygienic qualities: the slabs work perfectly as a kitchen tops as those don’t  release any substances within water contact. The structure of it doesn’t allow for any fangus, mildew or bacteria to be formed. This material is certified to be used in gastronomy and medical services.

- abrasion resistance: The slabs are very resistant to scratches  and deep grinding. The properties stay unchanged even within the intense utilization.

- bending resistance: Sintered quartz holds a great bending resistance.

- resistance to freezing: The value of water absorption reaches 0,1%, what makes the slabs freezingproof and perfect for all the weather conditions.

- fire reaction: Sintered quartz doesn’t contain any organic components. Thus it is high temperatures and fireproof. In case of a fire it doesn’t emit any smoke or toxic substances.

- UV resistance: The material is absolutely UV radiation proof. It doesn’t contain any organic dye what makes its color permanent irrespectively of the weather impact.

- eco and recycling properties: Slabs are 100% natural, environment friendly and fully recycable.

- graffiti resistance: These surfaces are absolutely graffitiproof and easy to cleanse from all the paints.

- ETA Technical Approval by ITB: Laminam Sintered Quartz is officially approved to be used in Poland.