Silestone is...

Silestone is an industrial product that combines quarz and polyester resin. It has a great physical and chemical properties. Its constitution allows to create varied forms while remaining durability and to duplicate different colors and patterns. Silestone is an amazing material to be used in interiors but it brings great effect as an outside matter for wall covering in modern buildings.

It is the only antiseptic and highly higienic material among stones. The amazing diversity in colors and its depth makes it a very beatiful and useful material. Silestone is a great investment for the future.

It works perfectly as a windowsills, table tops, stairs and the outdoor material. It is produced in a big slabs (size: 304cm x 138cm, 327cm x 161cm and 12, 20, 30mm thick) what makes it useful for any purpose. 


*size is limited in certain colors


Silestone advantages:

- antiseptic

- acids resistance

- stains resistance

- impact resistance

- scratch resistance

- wide range of colors

- quality guaranteed

- natural beauty

- variety in surfaces




Quarz is one of the most popular mineral. It’s the component of many igneous (granite), sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, that are created by lime-magmatic crystallization. Usually it occures in a pure state or as an infusion in the quarz vein form. It finds the respectable place in the great quality finishing thus to its hardness and acids resistance.