It is a very valuable form of chalcedony that occures in white, white-black or green colors. Onyx appears all around the globe but it’s rare to find what makes its beauty even more unique. It owns a respectable place also in the jewelry art.

Onyx is popularly used in creating miniature sculptures and intagalia (the flat reliefs carved in precious stones).

In building industry Onyx name is used not only for the most precious stone. It describes  the laminated limestone, built of the transparent sparite (aragonite or chalcedony), that lack any granular components. It is more affordable but still very vauable stone in its form.

The great light permeability is one of the advantages that makes this stone extraordinary in an interior design. Onyx in itself holds an astonishing beauty that involves colors, structure and the surface picture. It may be utilized in building windowsills, kitchen tops, floors or even a stairs creating a very original look of the space.

It is worth to add that Onyx stone was exclusively used as a official seal by the chinese emperor. Anyone else who dared to use it was fatally punished.