Limestone is quite popular sedimentary rocks, bulits of calcium-carborate in the form of calcite. It is one of the most interesting building material, that is very easy to work with and to be extracted.

Thus to its constitution it is preferable used in interiors as being a part of the exterior construction it is exposed to decay. Limestone can be used in producing windowsills, kitchen tops and all sorts of the interior ornaments. It is very popular material that may be applied wide, not only in construction (being used as a cement)  but in the agriculture also (as a fertilizer).

Polish Krakowsko - Częstochowska Jura is the place of limestone occurance where it was used to build homes and castles (Ogrodzieniec). In the past it was applied to build all the contruction, now having the other options it is gladly utilized in the inetriors.